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Episode 8, Timebomb – What a Cliffie!

  • Author: Mikki | Category: True Blood News

  • (POSSIBLE SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the episode)

    I don’t know about you, but I just about fainted when Luke pressed that button. That was such an insanely thrilling episode, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen!

    We’ve witnessed several key moments of the season I think.
    Maryanne’s influence is spreading and that heart-pie was seriously disturbing. (Gag, anyone?) Sam’s locked up and we’ve seen from the Season 2 Preview that Maryanne’s planning to get to him while he’s imprisoned. Will someone believe poor Andy already?! I seriously love the guy ever since that “epileptic on crack” scene several episodes back.

    Aaaaaaand the key moment: Luke pulls a suicide mission on the Dallas vamp nest. Seriously. FAINT. That must have been the most astonishing moment of the entire season, there’s no chance in hell it left anyone cold. My reaction: I screamed and jumped, totally pissed that it’s happening and that I have to wait till next week to see the aftermath. A similar thing happens in the books, but I gotta give it to HBO, they definitely added that OMFG WOW element to the event.


    14 Responses to “Episode 8, Timebomb – What a Cliffie!”

    1. Sinead says:

      Woooowww…That ep was amazingg!!
      Seriously could’nt keep my eyes off of it…lol, Aaand i kno wah ya mean abwt da PIE dat was jus *eurghhhh!!!* :|…
      Soooo cn not wait till d nxt ep!!

      Bring On Episode 9!!!!!

      I alsoo like 2 say MANNY!!!! thanks to the admins!!!!
      This websitee is a god send!!! :D

      x x x x

    2. killherkai says:

      Why didn’t she freak when she was cutting the pie and all that blood was coming out? eurgh…

    3. Ficely says:

      I was screaming at the computer for “TARA! GET A CLUE! THAT’S BLOOD COMING OUT OF THE PIE!” while imagining the night-mares I will have of me eating a heart pie…And I was seriously upset that MaryAnn could control Eggs and Tara through, well I guess it qualifies as food.

    4. Kaylynn says:

      Of course she wasn’t surprised blood was coming out of the pie. She thought it was a meat pie. Aren’t any of you actually from the South? lol. That’s far more normal where I’m from then I would like to admit. She thought it was the rabbit in there.

    5. trublo0d says:

      wasnt sookie in their ZOMGAWSH wonder what bills gonna do,how about godric and eric?this is gonna be nuts

    6. trublo0d says:

      o snap jason 2!

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