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RECAP: Season 2 Premiere of True Blood

  • Author: I'm addicted to V | Category: True Blood News

  • First of all WOW.  I think that it’s safe to say that the True Blood season 2 premiere was even more amazing than I could have imagined.

    Here are some of my thoughts…

    LAFAYETTE: It’s so great that Lafayette is still around this season.  I think the creators know how much the fans love him and decided to keep him around for more.  He’s a great addition to the characters, he’s just too funny and I’m so happy he’s sticking around.

    MARYANN: I think that woman taking care of Tara is a shapeshifter, like Sam, but not sure what her motives are with Tara.  It’s just too odd that she’s got all that money and wants to take care of Tara.  She’s definitely got some ulterior motives.

    ERIC: I think we’re going to see lots of Eric.  He’s got potential to be a really awesome character in the show.  It was awesome when he comes down to the dungeon at the end of the episode you can see that he was in the middle of getting the highlights in his hair done. On a serious note, who is his hairdresser?!? LOL

    VOODOO GIRL: Who do you think ripped out the exorcist girl’s heart?  Maybe Sookie did it.  After all the bites that Bill has given her I have a feeling she’s going to be behaving strangely pretty soon.  I know it sounds crazy, but you never know!!

    What does everyone else think?  If someone has read the books, please don’t give up any spoilers if you have any answers to these questions.  Let this place be free of spoilers for the fans of the TV show.

    So let’s hear it, what are your theories?


    16 Responses to “RECAP: Season 2 Premiere of True Blood”

    1. Meg says:

      I haven’t read any of the books, and actually I’m quite new to the True Blood series, but I think that MaryAnn is going to turn out to be some type of witch perhaps. I’m thinking this because of the painting or sculpture or whatever it was that she had by the pool. The main focus of that work of Art was Pan. And he is associated with some pagan religions, if I remember correctly. I could be wrong though. But I do agree that she possesses some type of shape-shifting power since she was able to turn into a pig the night Tara got pulled over for drunk driving. Also, that misshapen statue she has in her house obviously is very important to her. It might be an idol she uses to pray to Pan. One other thing: she seemed to be the same age, if not older, when she met Sam as a teenager. Maybe she rips out people’s hearts in order to stay young.

    2. Molly says:

      I was actually thinking Bill was the one who killed the voodoo girl. In the last episode of season one he simply said “I fed” and I figured he killed her and needed her heart to return.

      As for MaryAnn- I think that statue is part of her life force or something. She said she’d be mad if he broke it, but she didn’t care about money or anything else. She’s one freaky lady, and I think she’s going to do something terrible to Tara based on her reaction when her servant interrupted Tara’s and that guy’s first attempt at a kiss. I can tell though that she hasn’t aged- which means something is keeping her young.

    3. julie says:

      I think MaryAnn killed Miss Jeanette and does killings for organ harvesting to continue her youthful appearance and sacrifices. She is probably a witch with a substance abuse just like Amy Burly. Wouldn’t that make her very powerful?
      Eric is very hardcore vampire and has been around a looong time. Does he want Sookie, because she has “awakened” feelings he thought were lost to him (just like Bill) or just because Bill wants her and loves her, or she is good for his business dealings.
      Lafayette will make a great vampire, if he gets his wish. He could be very wealthy selling vilals of his own blood or he could turn and then out vampires and do them in as some kind of a vendetta.

    4. Kelly says:

      Maryann killws Jeanette- at least I’d assume so since in the book series she was the killer (though in the books it was Layfeyette who is found dead in the car). And she’s not a shape shifter unless they really change her purpose in the show. She’s supposed to be a greek goddess that deals with alcohol, sex, and discord. That’s why she screams about them not needing towels. I’m really hoping Eric gets more involved! I love Eric and I hope it doesn’t take them too long before he and sookie get together (if the seasons follow the books I’m not sure I can wait four seasons before Eric and Sookie get together and Eric looses his memory!)
      I don’t think Sookies gonna get crazy since she hasn’t yet in the books and she consumes plenty of blood from getting beat up all the time. Who knows

    5. Esteban says:

      LaFayette – Poor Lafayette is locked in the Fangtasia basement dungeon and is forced to witness the gory annihilation of Royce, his dungeon-mate who was involved in the fire which killed severeal vamps in season one. Whether LaFayette’s there because they believe he killed his V supplier or for some other to be determined reason, he will likely pay the ultimate price for his sins. I predict he’ll get “turned” by our favorite Viking-vamp Eric. What say you?

      MaryAnn – Although the mysterious social-worker’s motives are still unknown (at least to those who haven’t read the books), she does seem quite adamant on Tara hooking up with Eggs. I think she may have a lot to do with the mutilation and murder of Tara’s mom’s savior (aka Voodoo Woman). MaryAnn and young Merlotte’s flashback sex scene was extremely creepy (was that an orgasm?), I can’t wait to see the extent of her powers. What was that statue Merlotte was looking at?

      I don’t have much to say about Eric other than I hope we get to see more of him in the coming episodes as his character seems to have a lot of depth and mystery surrounding it. And don’t forget the eye he had for Bill’s Sookie last season!

      Sookie has been bitten quite a few times by Bill, but do the side-effects come from simply being bit, or does she have to be completely turned? I just can’t see Sookie being the Voodoo murderer. I can see Sookie and Jessica (Bill’s first Turn) bumping heads in the coming episodes, because lets face it, three is a definitely a crowd in this relationship. Although it does make for some comic entertainment!

      Love the site, keep up the good work!!

    6. Jewel says:

      The show is an awesome adaptation of the books and even takes the story lines further and even stranger. Appreciate the web site! Waiting for the next episode…

    7. Jimmy says:

      I don’t think it was Bill who killed the voodoo girl but I kind of can’t see why MaryAnn would do that. However it is more than creepy that she doesnt age the same way Merlotte does (since it is obvious that shape shifters do age). As to Terra’s relationship with Eggs somehow I think MaryAnn has a very good purpose on getting them together. One thing I really can’t wait for though is Eric and Sookie. He is the best character in the show and the part with him getting his hair done was just awesome. But there is one thing I completely don’t understand. How is it possible that Sookie drank so much of Bills blood practically without side effects and Amy and Jason used to get high on one drop? Especially when Sookie had it fresh? Anyone any ideas..?

    8. Jordan says:

      hm. thats a good question. anybody else know??

      **How come Sookie doesn’t get high on Bills blood??**

      Plus, i cant WAIT for the next episode to come out, im soo excited.!!

    9. Samjune says:

      First of all, I have to think of Lafayette’s comments on V, who is after all my human specialist on V ;) He says that the same V can effect diffferent completely different effect on different persons. :)

      More importantly, when Jason too the V, he was physically fine.

      When Bill fed Sookie with his blood she was beaten up and couldn’t feel her legs. Her body needed the force provided by V to heal. This is why she had only little side effect after having a substantial amount of Bill’s blood: sharpened senses and are more active libido, obviously.

    10. tinapalooza says:

      I’m also a newbie and the mystery of where the storylines are going is very intriguing!

      My take on MaryAnn is that she is something much older and more powerful than any creature we’ve seen so far. I’m thinking some kind of pagan god. She’s very childish and narcissistic as gods often are, since all of their whims are granted and they have no one to answer to. The cruelty to her servant sealed it for me.

      I generally don’t respond to tall, slender blonds but Erik absolutely SIZZLES onscreen. Can’t wait to see where this goes. I agree with some of the others…Sookie is on a collision course with him. All of the changes in her life and her little community, the tragedies, have taken a noticeable toll on the innocence she once embodied. She’s soooo hooking up with E by the end of this season. Bill (I still can’t get over that name!) is slowing losing the sweet, unspoiled girl he fell in love with. And I think Erik will evolve to meet her somewhere in the middle. I think he’s very intrigued by, soon to be smitten with, this human.

    11. Liliane says:

      I love the series. I have to see it here cause in Portugal the series as arrived only now but I saw it in this site always and i´m adticced too it. As so I think MaryAnn is a kind of Sagitarian thing like we saw on the sneakpeak of the 2nd series pursuing Sookie on the woods. The statue as that kind of form like it as no legs and the arms are some kind of horns and this kind of creature as some Greek or Roman origins so as all the sculptures that she have on her home and that she talks about it. I like Eric too… Bill is too much of a serious guy, and Eric is a funny one but I like Bill and Sookie to get together because their love is very genuine but an adventure with Eric may spice all the things up. Lafayette as to be on the series cause his hossom. Tara and Jason are dissapointing me with their strange whiplashes of mood and lifes. Very creepy… I think Jason will have something with the wife of the preacher. LLoollssss Bloody Kisses

    12. Dan says:

      Kelly. All of those details about Sookie and Eric were spoilers. At least warn people before they read that. It is very inconsiderate for those who have not read any of the books….but besides that I just caught up in the story line and it is awesome. Sam is so endearing.

    13. Nick says:

      Well, Dorian Gray has his portrait… Maybe MaryAnn has a statue instead…

      Maybe it represents her life force… You never know, she could have made some kind of deal with the devil like Faustus (maybe that’s a LITTLE too far…)

    14. OTHER NICK says:


    15. memnoch_meg says:

      All be silent while the literary genius “OTHER NICK” assumes that everyone who posts here is a drooling, dome-headed, paint chip eating imbecile. Bram Stoker? Oscar Wilde? Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? Popular culture and the American educational system have “probable” left all but you completely unaware of whom you reference. I’d say more, but I have to go pick nits out of my hair and gnaw on a lead pencil. Grunt grunt whinny grunt (that’s cro magnon for “And that’s all folks!”).

    16. Rickenbacker says:

      Sounds pretty good to me ;)

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