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True Blood Season 2 Trailer at Comic Con: OMG!

  • Author: Mikki | Category: True Blood News

  • As most of us didn’t get a chance to attend the fabulous Comic Con (oh what I wouldn’t give to go just once!), here’s what HBO threw at us to agonize over in the next weeks while we eagerly await to see how the story of our favorite vamps and gorgeous human waitress unravels. Enjoy! ;)


    33 Responses to “True Blood Season 2 Trailer at Comic Con: OMG!”

    1. Blood Sucker says:

      amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing promo, thank you SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!

    2. Jesse says:

      I think OMG is just the right word…I can’t stop watching this trailer and is that Eric with Sookie in the bed?? I sure hope so!

    3. Anna says:

      WTF Sarah Newlin blames Jason 4 what SHE did. And Eric why the chains the srewed up.

    4. Kaili says:

      THREE WORDS: OH MY GOD!!! Thank you for posting this I dub you my new hero!!!

      I hope that was Eric in bed with Sookie, kind of. Im still loyal to stupid Bill for some reason.
      When I watched that my heart started going crazy and I was like OMG OMG OMG!!
      I can’t believe that Sarah is blaming Jason. I thought that “God wanted this”. Shes a hoe.
      Now, if you can excuse me I have a promo trailer to watch again and agian…and again :D

    5. Kaili says:

      Maybe us True Blood writers should take a trip to comicon next year. :D Anyone else game for that?

    6. Morgie says:

      This is so amazing. I hope that is Eric in bed with Sookie. I am so excited for the rest of this season.

    7. tat says:

      ooohhhhhhhh….when eric tell sooke “trust me” I went nutz I can’t wait to see that scene

    8. tat says:

      oooooh shit is that eric tied up in the church =(((((
      I hope he stays. and just in case someone is gets upset with me..I didn’t read the books.

    9. tat says:

      who ever read the book please tell me….does eric get killed?

    10. Ekzotika says:

      HOSSOM I loved it, wath a promo…

    11. tat says:

      nvm…at 1:25 it clearly shows eric strangling the reverend with marks from the silver on his neck….phew..!

    12. Mikki says:

      Kaili, I’d DEFINITELY be up for it :D

    13. Lestat's Lover says:

      So much action! :D
      And a war..? Wow!

    14. rosmary says:

      ok, people this is the first time that i write something…so here it is…Eric in the books does not get killed, actually he sort of get married to Sookie…in a way the books are way hotter than the show….and Sookie, at least in the books, is really hot for Eric too. One more thing, Sam does not die in the books…

    15. Morgie says:

      rosmary I totally agree with you that the books are much hotter

    16. jana says:

      In which way are hotter?

    17. Kaili says:

      Mikki, all we need now is a bus or a carpool thing! Possibly a few more people too :D. Maybe we could make t-shirts!

    18. Kaili says:

      Has anyone else came back day after day just to watch that again?
      I start hyperventilating whenever I see it.
      I can’t wait!!!!

    19. Ellen says:

      I am playing with the idea to keep away from trailers like this. I do have the feeling they are giving too much away. ;-)

    20. Lindsey says:

      LOVE IT!!!!

    21. Kaili says:

      Did anyone notice that at 1:31 the is an appearance by the one and only Sophie Anne Leclerq the Queen of Louisiana?

    22. memnoch_meg says:

      Yes! I watched this promo maybe 20 times the day after comic con! SOOOOO many delicious spoilers! That was TOTALLY Eric in bed with the Sook! This season is gonna be positively SINFUL! I can’t wait!

    23. Molly says:

      Does Eric want to turn Sookie? When he says “the bond between vampire and maker is stronger than you can imagine, perhaps one day you’ll find out” – is he hinting that he wants a really strong bond between Sookie and wants to make her into a vampire and have her be his? How very exciting I can’t wait!!!

    24. melissa says:

      I am so HAPPY :)

    25. kathryn says:

      I think eric was more hinting at bill and his maker…

    26. fagliz says:

      ooo i luuv it! <3<3<3<3trueblood<3<3<3<3

    27. Deus says:

      shweetness that was an awsm trailer

    28. pam is sexy! says:

      u guys that IS eric in bed with sookie because u can see the top of his blond hair sticking out behing sookies shoulder

    29. Fatima says:

      The Texan vampire (Stan, I think) is hot!!! :D

    30. Sophie says:

      Wewt Eric and Sookie have secksy time <33

    31. ladykrystine says:

      omg i hope sookie and eric get together!!!…WOW!! and mr.newlin is just plum crazy!!!! i wanted to slap him (mentally i did tho lol)

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