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Vampires and their makers: Eric and Godric

  • Author: Ellen | Category: True Blood News

  • trueblood-502670When Godric turned Eric, he was completely honest with him. He asked him if he could be the companion of death an walk with him through the dark. He offered Eric to teach him everything he knows. ” I will be your father, your brother and your child.” His ultimate promise was life. Godric chose Eric, because he was totally infatuated by Eric‘s way of fighting. I didn’t sense any sexual tension when Eric was made, but I do have the feeling I am mighty alone there. ;-)

    Most importantly, Eric had the choice. He could have flatly refused his maker and I am sure Godric would have accepted his decision.

    We hardly know anything about Godric. He said to be over 2000 ears old. His tattoos suggest that he might have been a powerful Pict as a human.

    Eric has deep respect for his maker. It is obvious that Godric is the most important person in Eric‘s life. From what we have seen so far must Godric have been a great maker. Eric totally believes in godric_being a good maker himself.

    When he goes missing Eric starts to investigate by taking captives and question them. From here we are filling out the blanks. It is hardly believable that someone who is said to be ten times stronger than Eric can be held captive against his will by the FOTS.

    **** Book Spoiler****

    Godric in the books decides to end his existence. He is repenting and want to participate in a ritual of the FOTS and meet the sun. Being sexually attracted to children, he himself thinks he needs to be put down. Sookie muses that as a human he would be seen as a child molester and a serial killer.

    **** End of Book Spoiler****

    Eric is fiercely loyal to Godric. Being convinced that his maker is dead we see him cry.


    Godric has a very critical few on his own kind: ” We are frightening. After thousands of years we haven’t evolved. We’ve only got more brutal, more prtrueblood-792110edatory. I don’t see the danger intreating humans as equals. The Fellowship Of The Sun only rose, because we didn’t.” Being a very strong vampire doesn’t believe in abusing his power. On the contrary, he believes in personal improvement.

    Eric seems to be puzzled by Godric‘s philosophy. He is worried about is Godric‘s health and repeatately asks him when he last has feed. As a very old vampire Godric‘s need for blood is low. He seems to be rather detached from his enviroment but not as much as not to interfer.

    He himself says that he has more belief in the human race than Reverend Steve Newlin. It remains to be seem if Godric‘s view will  find friend among other influetial vampires.

    12 Responses to “Vampires and their makers: Eric and Godric”

    1. M.W. says:

      I think its awesome how loyal Eric is to Godric :)

    2. Ekzotika says:

      Yeah, i think the same too… but i didn´t noticed Eric crying in that scene!
      Very interesting all this information about Godric.

      I love how they refer to each other.

      Eric so loyal, and Godric so loveable.

      I´m here, come in my child – said Godric to Eric, i love it

    3. Jane says:

      It was good that Godric layed it out on the table like that when making Eric into a vampire and they are both good to each other, a very strong relationship.
      Godric’s role has really added weight to the series, the way he is thinking is making the other vampires consider things for a moment, because what he says is true and there is a fight to coexhist with humans now so it’s all going on!
      And most importantly it is making us think, you know a vampire started off as some horrid creature but it has become more human and seeing all these complexities to all the characters and how they deal with immortality is very interesting.

    4. kathy says:


      I just remembered something from the books….Goderic(Godfrey in the books) is not Erics Maker…In the books Eric had no choice on his fate as they paint it in the show.

      Im torn on this new story line now. While I feel like his loyalty to Goderic makes him look like he has a soft side, which in the books we already know about him…I feel like some people are looking at his character in poor light because he “chose” his fate in the show…..

    5. MobileOne says:

      Interesting tidbit of information that Godric was attracted to children in the book. You have to take into consideration he was a child himself when turned, so it makes sense.

    6. Amy says:

      I wish they would not have killed Godric off because I think the story line could have been so much better with him in it. I know they are going to do flashbacks with him in season 3 and I am looking forward to that… I’d love to see the whole history between Godric and Eric.

    7. lynne says:

      how cand godrick be erics maker, and when you read the latest book, well theress a whole different story

      • Robyn says:

        I just read the latest book a couple of weeks ago and I got a little confused since Godric was Eric’s maker in the series but not in the book. I have to keep reminding myself that the television show will differ in some ways from the books. I actually kind of like it that way because I get 2x the enjoyment. If the t.v. show was identical to the books, it would be too predictable and there would be no element of surprise.

    8. vikki says:

      Godrick can be his maker due to the fact that he was turned when he was very youg. Godrick looks the age when he was turned he is thousands of yrs older then eric. Yes, as you watch the seasons you realize that the books and the series are way different. They have the right to do that

    9. Godric says:

      One sad notion that’s rolling through my head is how grammatically handicapped the writer (Ellen) of this article is. Toward the end she states, “Godric has a very critical few on his own kind.” A very critical few?? I mean I’d understand if she had a typo, but that’s a complete joke. If whomever developed this site lets this dipshit write articles, then I should be writing for MSN. Anyways… Staying on subject, I’ve always been rather interested in whom Godric’s maker might have been. I recollect one site claiming that Russell Edgington turned Godric, but that’s bullshit. True Blood’s use of Godric in Season 2 is nothing short of phenomenal. Almost unanimously everyone’s all time favorite character, Godric’s attitude and presence on the show is truly inspiring. True Blood’s character evolution and dynamics has really been groundbreaking in terms of previous vampire type productions.

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