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True Blood S02E04

Air Date: 2009-07-12

301 Responses to “True Blood S02E04”

  1. Wendy noel says:

    I can’t wait until this is on again next Sunday …Is Sunday here yet!!!!

  2. Jewel says:

    I cant wait either. I am addicted. Is there anywhere you can watch them episodes early?? I can’t wait until july 12th. Its too far away!!

  3. kathy says:

    oooooo looks soooo good! I can’t wait til Sunday!

  4. Mary says:

    I totally agree!! Over a week is wayyy to long hahaha. I started watching last week, i mean from season 1 episode 1 last week and i’m officially addicted. And here i thought i liked twilight hahaha well i love True Blood!!!!

  5. Natália says:

    Thank god for this site , I’m loving this season , Eric appear so much more \o/ .Can’t wait for this new episode.

    • duckie says:

      I hated Eric in Season 1 but after watching the second season I think I like him even though he’s still a little cold. Just needs a little lovin I think. I love this site, feeds my addiction every night before bed!

  6. ladykrystine says:


  7. Selene says:

    Why can’t everyday be Sunday???
    Sunday hurry up and get here now.. :D
    Hmm.. I wonder… What would happen if i just sleep till next Sunday? Will my week go by faster? I wish i had a control remote that could speed up the days… Oh I wish I could be like the Sims.. where a day is actually like an hour in real life. haha.

  8. Memnoch_Meg says:

    WHY WHY WHY are they making us wait TWO WEEKS?!?!?!? Tell you what, episode 4 better be two hours long or I’m gonna have to have a little sit down with the president of HBO. First they cancel Deadwood and now this?! Nooooo!

  9. zaeem says:

    i am waiting to go home next sunday ..

    waiting 4 true blood ep#4 is NOT worse

    guys pleez pray tym runs fairly fast 4 me :(

  10. Kirsty says:

    Wait…..This is on every sunday is it not? Why do we need to wait till July 12th?

    I need my fix lol.

    Wonder what will happen to Lafyette.
    Dont like Darla. Hope Jess gets what she wants in time.

  11. zaeem says:

    episode 4 and episode 5 will be aired at the same day july 12 sunday

  12. Poison says:

    two episodes at one go!??? Nice…. more Eric!!!

  13. sam says:

    but the wait is killin’ me.

  14. niecey says:

    holy bleepin cow i dont know if i can handle the wait. why must hbo torture us this way. sure we get two episodes for the price of one but the 12th my computer is a piece of junk and half the time i dont get episodes when there air anyway….. o the inhumanity of it please if anyone knows a way that doesnt need downloading send it my way :)

  15. Jessica says:

    I cannot wait! I really love the new season. I was worried it couldnt top the last season but nope, outdid itself again.
    Does anyone ever wonder what happened to the original tara? in the first episode? I re-watched the series waiting for season 2 and it just bugs me a little bit. kinda ruins the character a smidge. However the actress playing tara now s alot more charismatic and feisty!

    In other news, stephen moyer just called robert patterson a pussy. haha

  16. gale says:

    yay more eric!! he’s my favorite XD
    i wish we didn’t have to wait so long.
    but this site is the best and they get the episodes up so fast. thank you!

  17. Maria says:

    My heart stopped when I saw that 4th episode is out. But ouh nou, it was just preview! Bad luck! But i can not wait any longer. I’m addicted. True Blood is my V! Really! It’s so gooood! Much better than Twilight ’cause ERIC is here! Omg! Why Alexander looks so sexy? It so unfair! Okay actually it’s not! But it’s so sad that they aren’t fallowing books. But still…True Blood is the best damn thing ever! Sookie and Bill are perfect couple! ERIC IS THE BEST!!
    What do you want? – We want Eric!
    When do you want him? – NOOOOOOW!!!!!
    Can’t wait any longer!
    Btw this site is best!

  18. Kirsty says:

    this wait is killing me.

    =] Just watched Preview again. Is that a vamp attacking Jason??? I want to know Maryanne’s plan and what she is. I hope Tara gets with sam again, they are so cute 2gether.

    I must say that I lov this but Twilight is also best.
    True blood = Bread
    Twilight = Butter.

    Wonder what Eric is Gonna do to Lafyette

  19. themarine85 says:

    i think jason is just being put through some type of aniciation of some kind. is twilight a good movie? i dont care what anyone says the lost boys is the best so far nothing beats a classic an the second lost boys was good and i cant wait for the 3rd to come out next year

  20. Memnoch_Meg says:

    Yeah, on HBO it says that Jason has a prank played on him. I hopes its his roommated and that Jason stakes him!

  21. jessie says:

    I CAN’T WAIT! yay

  22. Laffo says:

    2 weeks :( and im going away on the 10th so i wont be able to watch the episodes but i bought the book so i can read that :)

  23. Faith says:

    I’m already going into withdrawals.

  24. Hyena says:

    I love Eric and Pam!!!

    I cant wait until sunday!

  25. kimashni says:

    OMG!!!!!!! Sunday cant come soon enough, i am so anxious i can barely wait to see this episode and all that follows after, it’s like i’m on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what will happen next…. i am so hooked its serious….

  26. mo says:

    niecey just want to let you know has saved my life. scoll to the bottom click on the trueblood pic and go to where it lists the episodes do a seach for the episode you want to watch and find one that works( they dont always all work, but thats life)

    i HATE bill
    (those of you that have read the books understand my reasoning i just wanted to vent)

  27. jenn says:

    YAY 1 week countdown BEGINS!

  28. jessie says:

    Im glad today is sunday! can’t wait :]

  29. Adrianne says:

    Did they skip a week? Is it because of Independence Day? I want to watch it now!!

  30. Lisa says:

    Where can I see it right after it airs tonight?

  31. mellow says:

    addicted to true blood where can i see episode 4 its not airig tonite

  32. Stella says:

    why isn’t it on 2nite?

  33. jessie says:

    when will be on?

  34. Raine says:

    i think sookie should go 4 eric he’s my fav vamp next comes Pam shes awsome gah haw r we supposed 2 wait till sunday im an addict and i need 2 watch it now

  35. Penny says:

    I love True Blood so much! I’ve just finished reading the- I think its the 6th book? and I am looovvvviiinnnngggg Eric at the moment, he is so much better in the books though. Hehe, especially when he lost his memory. The True Blood episodes are so addictive. I even have a TrueBlood wall poster in my room LOL.

  36. jessie says:

    lol i read the books too. Eric is my favorite!

  37. Ouchie says:

    all I see is a preview

  38. jessie says:

    the wait is torturing me.

  39. NANANAN says:

    What did True Blood not Air today ?? :O Since I don’t live in the US, I don’t know whats going on ^ ^

  40. angie says:

    where is episode 4!!

  41. Luna says:

    The Episode Does Not air Til Sunday, July 12th.

  42. jessie says:

    why didn’t it air today?

  43. Luna says:

    I’m Guessing Because Of the Holiday (July 4th) ? Maybe They Had A Special On HBO To DO with the Holiday ? Not To Sure As To Why .

  44. jessie says:

    oh :[

  45. tony says:

    wtf??? another week

  46. Luna says:

    I Heard From A friend That they did a rerun this week of last weeks episode …. which Is Kinda Stupid ….

  47. suckie staq mouse says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!! I was so exited about episode 4 to see lafayette as a vampire so i turned my tv on 10 minutes ago to tune to HBO….THEN,i saw that EPISODE 4 DOESNT AIR TILL NEXT WEEK! WTF HBO!!

  48. suckie staq mouse says:


    ive been watching the episode 4 trailer a lot and heres some good information i found out. the vampire that tackles down jason at says,”i can smell ur hot blood” is not really a was steve,the guy with the gun. i know this because in the info it says jason falls victim to a prank gone wrong.also because after u see that u see jason punch the same person that tackles him. i noticed that becuz he had a blue hoodie on. and finally the girl who says,” i know what u are” at the end is daphne and she’s talking to sam about knowing he is a shapeshifter

  49. kukula says:

    Why the 4th ep will only come out on the next sunday?!
    I can not wait!
    Im so nervios!
    I bet its because the 4th in july…!
    its so NOT fair!
    I dont even live in the U.S!

  50. Britzaner says:


  51. Kiana says:

    damn lol. i agree with someone who posted up top, i hate bill, eric for the win x *sigh* another sunday to go

  52. ishida says:

    jessica…Rutina Wesley has played Tara from the very beginning… :S’Can’t believe we have to wait 2 weeks…I was so hoping to get my fix of True Blood today..GAH!!!!

  53. Brenda says:

    God damn it. I thought I could watch true Blood by now..
    I’m so disappointed :(

  54. dani says:

    why isnt it up? did it not air sunday or is everyone being slow lazy people i cant find it anywhere!!! omg we dont have to NEXT sunday do we? THATS 7 DAYS!!

  55. •love• says:

    omg!!! we have to WAIT for True Blood!?!!??!?!?!?!?! GRRRRR!!!! >_<

    but thanks for posting these vids for us, whoever-you-are =], it really means a lot to us all!!!!!!!

  56. erica says:


    i didnt know it was skipping a week. I was waiting all week for this episode. now i have to wait a whole 7 more days. this isnt even fair

  57. Gemme says:

    This does not make me happy >:(

  58. Delilah45 says:


  59. sandiegan says:

    Thanks so much for posting the episodes! I don’t have HBO and this makes it so I can see the episodes!

  60. NeeCee says:

    From one TB fan to the another, you are greatly appreciated!!!

  61. NeeCee says:

    From one TB fan to another, you are greatly appreciated!!!

  62. Amy says:

    Thanks for all your amazingly quick posting of episodes. :)

  63. änneken says:

    Thanks from germany for posting the episodes!!! I am a big fan and this side is the only opportunity for me to watch them.

  64. Jesse says:

    I know I’m quite sad that I have to wait another week for TrueBlood. It gets me through the week knowing that on Sundays I can count on getting my TrueBlood fix. I do think they should’ve went with the book a bit more. I mean is Sookie ever going to be with Eric in the show? I sure freaking hope so.

    BTW…Ishida…Tara’s character was orginally to be played by actress Brooke Kerr but during the pre-aired pilot it was decided that she wasn’t right for the character and they went with Rutina Wesley. The pre-aired pilot is on the internet and it’s possible that is the episode Jessica saw. I myself saw the pre-aired pilot first and recall the actress was different. It through me for a loop as well. Rutina refilmed all the parts that Brooke had filmed and HBO played the newer episode instead of the pre-aired pilot.

    I recommend watching the pre-aired pilot version because theres some things they left out the aired pilot…like Sookie’s faerie godmother but their reason for that is understandable.

  65. tayy says:

    Thank You so much for postin True Blood on here:) I dont have HB0 so i dont mind the wait, as long as i get to watch it! Geeeeze you’d think if you have to watch true blood on the internet that you might have some patience;)

  66. eileen says:

    thanks to the creater of this site, i love it!! and ive read all the sookie stackhouse booksthey are great, but very different from the show [:

  67. Jasmine says:

    I just want to say thanks so much for this site and posting the new episodes as soon as u can! I’m moving to London England next week..They dont have HBO in the UK. Funny thing is the day I arrive they are premiering the 1st season of true blood on the Telly lol! Yes they are a season behind! and all tho I will watch it.. I’m so hooked on the new season!! Its a fangtastic show! Thanks again for hosting this site and taking time out of ur day for all us “Fang Bangers” Much love xxx

  68. Hontoblue says:

    Thanks! I think this is a fabulous thing you do putting these up for us to watch. Well done :)

  69. pjgirl18 says:

    I’m Happy someone is acctually doing this for other people! If I have to wait a week so be it the excitment will build! Thanks for doing this YAY

  70. Anon says:

    Merci, muchos gracias, gracie mille, dziekuje, spasibo, shukran, domo arigato…

    You’ve done and doing a fantastic job with setting up this site for the fans, have a bloody good day! ;-)

  71. Bigboo says:

    Thanks for posting up all the episodes! Ur effin awesome!

  72. Marissa says:



  73. Jojo says:


  74. bookoome says:

    u dang right i apprechiate wat ur doing 4 me/us!!!! dnt worry about wat those others r saying 2 u, theres nothing u can do, u dnt controll HBO! so thanx 4 wat u do 4 us, u have the best website 4 trueblood! so overlook wat those impatient assholes r saying and keep satisfying me n the others that apprechiate u! thanx and please dnt stop wat ur doing!

  75. Claire says:

    You should know that after downloading graboid, the 4th in the series is not there. Not to mention the hassle… downloaded and deleted more than 4 times to get any sense out of the system. And still ended up deleting the programme again. Download early doesn’t seem to work: all other eps are there but the next one. So, no point in promoting them…. unless they pay you, of course.

    Having said that – thank you so much for the series. I’ll buy them all on dvd when they’re available, so I’m not ripping anyone off. I love that this series does not have one second in it that my husband would like, lol. Can’t wait for the next (seems I have to because graboid does not live up to it’s promises). Many, many thanks again – from the UK.

  76. Claire says:

    A further comment – not to upset you all, but when they start mucking around with screenings and timings…. could go the way of any favourite series you’ve had in the past – none of them are immune to the hatchet of the financial department.

    Firefly (although we did get the movie)
    Dark Angel
    American Gothic
    and I so hope that Supernatural (sorry I’ll be to see it go) has an ENDING.

    Yet they keep on churning out Ghost Whisperer… go figure!

  77. Aimes says:

    i love true blood!!!
    i really hope Eric and Sookie end up together in the book and in the series.
    i love eric and the actor that plays eric <3 anyways,
    i wanted to know if any of you know if anyone knows a website where i can watch the pre-aired pilot of true blood
    im really curious an i really want to watch it online so it any one u know a sit, can you please tell me :)
    thank you

  78. d says:

    I’m not mad but what’s going on with the removals? Has HBO gotten to you? PLEASE.E.EE.E.S keep giving up the Blood :)

  79. Jon says:

    Bravo! You have done a fantastic job! Thank you very much for sharing this with us. July 12th can’t come soon enough!

  80. Tai says:

    Thanks for posting these. You da man!

  81. AmandaG says:

    Thank you sooo much for always getting us the show. I am addicted. I am even more happy for this site since starting a new job and working during the air time. I can watch it here in my spare time. Thank you sooo very much for supporting us fans. I can hardly wait til next sunday! Well for me next Monday ( I have to work Sunday night) .


  82. Julia E. says:

    Thank you so much for doing this for us! You are truly divine! ;) I haven’t read the books, but I love the series, and I wouldn’t have been able to watch it if it weren’t for you. Thank you again!!!

  83. seniortu says:

    oh my god!
    wait for another week?
    7 days!
    so long…………

    i dont live in U.S
    actually……i am in Asia~!!
    dont know when season2 will on tv
    season 1 here is almost half a year late!!!!!
    you are my hero:)
    thank you

  84. lauren says:

    thankyou so so so so much
    i live in Aus and we dnt hav season 2 yet

  85. mHx says:

    i LOVE true blood.
    thankyou so much for doing all this.
    i understand that you have to wait,
    im always so excited to watch it!

  86. ellie says:

    WOOHOO! thanks :) x

  87. Mills says:

    Thanks for making this site and keeping it up to date, the best you can. Keep up the good work.

  88. allyssia says:

    Thank you for making this possible!
    I live in Slovenia (Europe)…HBO started True Blood series in February 2009….First season…
    So, I am so grateful to you…because I watched last year the first season…and now can watch the second one…

  89. Sarah says:

    I just started watching True Blood a few weeks ago and now I’m hooked. This site made it really easy for me to catch up on all the episodes, so thanks! I can’t wait until Sunday for the new episode!!!! :)

  90. Anna says:

    The 16th and 17th episodes are on diffrent sundays

  91. 1wildflwr says:


    Your links are cleaner. No viruses. The links work. All the time.

    You are on top of things. I have a few trusted sites I use. You are now one of mine.

    How can I help you stay up and running? Bring you traffic so you can get advertising sponsors? I’m not sure how it works but this site is important to me and I know it must be like a second job to maintain.

    I’d like to help. You have my email address.



    Thank you for the extra links to promos and other shows to keep us busy while we wait. Very thoughtful and I appreciate it.

  92. butterfly says:

    Don’t pay attention to the people who are bashing you. I am cursing at HBO; wish I could take of when ever I feel like it!LOL! So, thanks for all that you do!

  93. ash says:

    Thanks for posting!

  94. alanaa ;) says:

    True-Bloods my absolute fav.
    I live in Australia and season 1 aired on foxtel which i do not have, this site has been my life-line for both seasons so far.
    I understand how hard it must be, trying to find the episodes, uploading them while coping with demands from viewers.
    I am abit disappointed with the creaters not following the books as tradition.
    I love lafayette, but with him alive will we see Eric and Sookie at an Orgy at the end of season 2? I hope so but unfortunately i dont think it will happen.
    anyway, love the show keep up the good work :)

  95. paradoxeloc says:


    i saw that you touched on miracles, and surface and alot of the same stuff that i have always been into. i was impressed when you said miracles and just so you know, supernatural will have a 5th season. you probably know this by now, but i thought id mention it anyway.
    btw, you forgot point pleasant, wolf lake, and farscape.

  96. SamStarrett says:

    I cant wait till S u n d a y. I’m so excitedd.
    T w o m o r e d a y s. I’m counting down :]

  97. penny says:

    your doing a great job …cant wait to see more .. true blood ..great show

  98. Wendy Noel says:

    Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you for posting these you rock. We have one more day and we can watch True Blood again. Have a great weekend.

  99. Renee says:

    i live in australia and am a huge fan of true blood…will the episode be out on monday on ur site?
    i really appreciate wat u do!

  100. Isabella says:


    even though i can’t wait until tomorrow, i’m very glad that you’re taking the time to upload these episodes!

    i can’t wait to see eric!!

  101. itsMadrid says:


    I can’t afford cable so the internet is my tv. Don’t know how I would watch True Blood otherwise.


  102. Momo says:

    Thank you so much for making this website in dedication to this awesome show and taking the time to upload them
    so thanks again!

    ( Did anyone notice the werid face in the picture in the ep.4 preview, whats what about? or is it just me)

  103. BeeBee says:


    I’m a huge Trueblood fan and totally appreciate all the fantastic episodes online… I can’t view this on Tv in little old NZ… :( Only got Freeview!!
    Thanks sooo much for all the awesome viewing and keep up the great work… Looking forward to ep.4…

  104. lafyette says:

    does anyone know how i can live stream this from the web, i live in england and we don’t get HBO, thanks

  105. Jordan says:

    yea. on this page, refresh it an hour after it airs on HBO, or just check back tomorrow. :)

    P.S. im SO happy its sunday.!! YYAAAAAAYYYY

  106. say024 says:

    hmmm when’s it gonna air though??
    the creators sometimes post them a little late…

    but thanks though for doing this for the fans!

  107. melissa says:

    if i don’t see true i will die i can’t it looks so great i love eric

  108. Brenda says:

    I live in Holland so I think it’s going to be very late here when they air this episode.. :(

  109. Abby says:

    omfg. i cant wait. does any one know why it wasnt on last week?

  110. Jana says:

    Brenda, we live close to each other….I am curiouse too, what time…I think I will torture myself a bit longer and watch it tommorow! Cant sit all night long here…. :(

  111. Jana says:

    Guys I wish to login, but I got nothing in my mail after ….how to login, how to get the password? I dont know where else to ask….sorry.

  112. ana says:

    I can’t wait to see the new eps it’s going to be great XD

  113. MrsMarpleEM says:

    Brenda, it’s likely to be online at around 5 am in our timezone. :-)

  114. sam says:

    when does it air on the U.S?

  115. mnj3287 says:

    sam – new episodes are usually available at 10pm central time

  116. alana ;) says:

    this suckks, and season two isnt even on in australia yet.

  117. suckyismahn says:

    mnj3287- Thank you SO much for saying that, I was just wondering myself.
    So 10 pm central time is the norm?

  118. Anna says:

    Lol @ Alana

    TV wise, this show isn’t on Australian television, unless you have foxel and have that showtime channel, and they are only up to Season 1, episode 3.

    The DVD set was just released on the 1st of July, so unless you want to be 3-5 months behind US, you’re probably better just watching it online XD

  119. alana ;) says:

    yeeeh, thanks i know that already though lol. i downloaded the first season off itunes like a month or two ago after i watched them all on here.
    but i just kindof wanted to watch season 2 episode 4 on here and its not on yet :(
    devvvo, im bored waittting

  120. Brenda says:

    Hmm okay, I think I’m going to bed now..
    It’s 2:56 here and I’m getting tired :P
    I’ll watch it tomorrow :)

  121. mnj3287 says:

    yes, 10pm central time is the norm. It helps me to know when it will be uploaded so I know how much longer I have to wait.

    A BIG THANK YOU to all that run this site. We all appreciate everything you do for us! :)

  122. ashliee says:

    well duh its not on its not going to be on untill its aired on television,
    and only one episode it being aired not 4 and 5 so the person above somewhere needs to get there facts right,

  123. mnj3287 says:

    If you are on twitter, TrueBloodHBO is going to tweet a question at 9pm central and the first 25 people to message them correctly will win swag.

  124. Jordan says:

    ii amm SOOOOO excited. cnt waiit.!!! – only an hour or so to gooo. – but i migt hav 2 watch it 2mara :(


  125. michelle1213 says:

    true blood is much better than twilight, big time!!!! I want to see true blood season 2 epi 4 so badly! I love true blood so much its so awsome!!! I WANT TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. JOSIE323 says:

    OMFG ….do we really get two eps???

  127. BrittFace says:

    Thank you this is the only site i can go to two see these and im very greatful

  128. Nytemare says:

    Do tyou think they will post episode 4 then episode 5 or willwe have to wait until after episode 5 airs. I’m missing my TB fix BAD!!!

  129. mnj3287 says:

    Josie323 – no there is only 1 episode tonight

  130. TMMM says:

    do they stream the ep here?

  131. TMMM says:

    if so where?

  132. KiKi in FL says:

    Dude – as anxious as I am (chomping at the bit) to watch each episode; I would never yell or b*tch at you for not getting it posted or posted fast enough. Anyone who does doesn’t deserve to enjoy the FREE service you are providing all us shulps who either can’t afford HBO right now or who missed the show.


    PS: If you happen to know where I could catch Real Time w/Bill Maher online free – I would be forever grateful! =D

  133. KiKi in FL says:

    To TMM – in the upper right corner you should see a link for Ep4 click that and it will take you to where you can watch it streaming online – however I don’t believe it’s avail just quite yet…usually takes a little bit after the shows over before it’s up

  134. Nytemare says:

    i’m grateful for this site. I thank them very much!! Do you think episode 5 will also be posted tonight?

  135. Hum says:

    I would never complain about the shows not being up fast enough. Sure, I’d complain about those who do complain…wait what?

  136. Anna says:

    OMG that was so good. So Maryanne is that monster and Eric dosnt want to hurt Laffayette he let Laffayette feed from him! I mean it was so cool!

  137. Nytemare says:

    To the wonderful person(s) who runs this site. You are very very much appreciated for doing this for us. I know we get overly excited about things at time. God I’m so excited, and sorry for posting so much.

  138. JOSIE323 says:

    so geez im so confused now…@_@ everyones like we do get two eps now there like no only 1 gahhhhh nooooo i wanted 2…=( but oh well OMG IM STILL EXCITED ABOUT THIS EP THOUGH I LOOOOOVE ERIC!!! IM LIKE SERIOUSLY just sitting here waiting… gah if only my HBO subscription thingy didnt end =(

  139. Jordan says:

    heyyy heyyy anna.!! – dont give away all the secretsm we havent seen it yet…
    but i almost cant waittt.!!!

  140. jessie says:

    Sookie is soo lucky! I’ve never been to Dallas

  141. JOSIE323 says:

    oh noez the spoilers begin….HEY ANNA IM like uber jealous of you right now…because you’ve already seen it…and i still have to wait lol

  142. Ouchie says:

    well thank you so much for making it possible for all of us to watch!!!

  143. JOSIE323 says:

    ive been to dallas well ive pretty much been almost everywhere is southern us and everywhere in texas not much of a big deal to me…i think shes lucky cos she gets to be in a show with ERIC!!!!! <33333333

  144. Nytemare says:

    Josie HBO is airing both episode 4 and 5 tonight.

  145. jessie says:


  146. JOSIE323 says:

    SO IS IT UP YET??? sorry for like being all impatient….i dont mean to be its just such a gooood show …. yea thanks for making it possible because i dont have HBO =[[[

  147. JOSIE323 says:

    gah so is it or not…EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE CONFUSING ME someone said yes someone else said no and now you nytemare say yes…i checked the listing i only saw one ep airing? but i dont have HBO so i wouldnt know for sure =/ can someone just confirm this to me like for real… and if there is going to be two eps are we going to be able to watch both tonight? on here i mean…

  148. jessie says:

    I wish HBO was free…lol

  149. Nytemare says:

    I live in Dallas/Forth Worth for a bit. There were some pretty cool places there. I’m in Houston now. I have to say I do prefer the San Antonio area.

    I love to visit Louisiana. Lake Charles are is pretty. New Orleans is nice to visit. Lots of “vampires” running around at the clubs. It is a real hoot.

  150. JOSIE323 says:

    i know right lol i had it free for 6 months but that ended last month =[[

  151. Jasmine says:

    So are we getting two episodes tonight? or one? I hope its 2!! i love this show sooooooooooo much! Its fangtastic! thanks so much for running this site and taking the time out of ur life to make all of us happy ;)

  152. mike says:

    When will episode 4 show up on this site im getting antsy

  153. JOSIE323 says:

    san antonio is awesome i love going to fiesta texas =] or six flags lol but yea i lived in Austin when i was in texas but ive been to dallas and fort worth and houston too! New Orleans IS awesome lol but i wouldnt like to live there…just visit

  154. jessie says:

    There is two episodes? Im confused……

  155. JOSIE323 says:

    its 7:30 pm my time soooo….idk when it will be up my time…=/ but im sooo excited LOL im sooo getting my HBO back next month!

  156. Nytemare says:

    Hmm i just checked the HBO site, and they just list episode 4. At one point I thought we were told they were airing 4 and 5 back to back. Sorry I’m confused, and sorry for confusing others.

  157. MomOfMia says:

    Does everyone watch this through Graboid?

  158. MEC says:

    there is one episode
    last week didn’t have a show because of the holiday weekend

  159. JOSIE323 says:

    i have no idea that is what im trying to figure out but everyone is just confusing me even more..i heard one ep then i hear two so idk…….. ..BUT I HOPE IT IS TWO EPS!!!

  160. jessie says:

    lol its 7:35 here

  161. MEC says:

    only one episode
    its for sure

  162. jessie says:

    One episode is still good….for me

  163. JOSIE323 says:

    oh okay so only one ep then…=/ I REALLY DONT CARE AS LONG AS I GET TO SEE MY AWESOME VAMP ERIC lol gahh i cant wait any longer…. lol but i guess i have to lol

  164. Allison says:

    I think its fantastic you get the episode up the same night of the show-I was SHOCKED the first time I saw how quick you get them up. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :)

  165. Nytemare says:

    I agree I don’t think I could live in New Orleans. It is below sea level and sorrounded by water. There is Pontchartrain, Missisippi, and the gulf of Mexico. Katrina was a real wake upcall. We like going to the quarter at night. I’m serious at night you see alot of people with fangs and other such things. It is a fun time. Plus you have the whole voodoo mystic going on.

  166. JOSIE323 says:

    yea its 7:37 pm so what time will be up on here?

  167. jessie says:

    Most of my friends like eric more than bill

  168. jessie says:

    Last time it was on at 8:00 here

  169. JOSIE323 says:

    ooooh yea the whole voodoo thing creeps me out a bit lol but yea last time i went was during mardi gra….so yea been a while for me though…when i was there i didnt see any fangs =[[ would have been fun though i bet

  170. Nytemare says:

    Hey is anyone going to be watching the Vampire Diaries on THE WB? I have not read the books. Are they any good?

  171. JOSIE323 says:

    HAHA I LOVE ERIC ever since he made his first appearance not only is he terribly handsome but his character is just awesome like its just soo…gahhh lol i want to see him already lol i sound like a fangirl but idc cos eric is worth sounding all groupie like lol

  172. JOSIE323 says:

    i saw the preview for that…i thought it was okay…that girl playing the main shes that girl on degrassi isnt it? and yea i might look into it but i doubt anything could top true blood…

  173. jessie says:

    I want to watch the Vampire Diaries too

  174. Nytemare says:

    We saw fangs in a club called the Dungeon. It is a strange club… Yah can spank or get spanked in there.

  175. Nytemare says:

    The actor who plays eric is in a film called Om Sara. Check it out on Youtube. There are english subtitles. He is a hottie that is for sure. I like Eric much better than Bill. Twilight and The Vampire diares are well more for the general crowd. I like True blood because it is really for adults, and not teenie boppers.

  176. MEC says:

    The vampire diaries seems weird
    not sure if i want to get into that
    i love eric
    when will the show be up???

  177. Wayne says:

    THANK YOU for providing us with True Blood episodes. I am so grateful! I you accept donations I would be happy to contribute. It’s worth it. I know you put a lot of work into this site and posting the latest episode so soon after it has aired.

    PS: I am also a HUGE fan of Mad Men!!!!!

    Very grateful True Blood fan,

  178. babrie says:

    yea i read the books they were ok…. not as good as this or harry potter but none the less entertaining.=] definitely watching the show on w.b.

  179. jessie says:

    I saw eric in the movie Zoolander LMFAO

  180. JOSIE323 says:

    oh wow sounds fun lol i should visit again sometime…. but yea vamp diaries..i think it will be okay not great idk i just didnt get all excited by the previews…

  181. Nytemare says:

    The actress who plays Daphne on TB also plays Bridget on the soap The Bold and The Beautiful.

  182. Jay says:

    are two episodes coming out todaay? because they missed last week?! i hope so! lol.

  183. heather says:

    has anyone ever used graboid before? i’m getting really anxious to see the new episode, but I’m not very comfortable downloading.

  184. C says:


  185. JOSIE323 says:

    i watched zoolander plenty of times..i dont remember noticing him..did he look ridiculous like ben? lol and omg hes such a hottie =) idk …i like this show cos it is more realistic..[except the whole vampire thing and shapeshifters and such stuff] okay so its not so realistic but i meant like its not all fantasy like twilight idk how to explain it lol but yea and definitely more for adults than screeching teenage girls….

  186. Nytemare says:

    Some were saying that the Diaries villian was hot. I will give it a shot. it is not like we have much going on expect for Super Natural. I do not care for the ghost whisperer. I think the reason it says on so long is Jennifer’s cup size. Just not into it. Did anyone ever watch Kindred : The Embraced?

  187. MEC says:

    i guess i have to watch it tmmrw

  188. Angela says:

    Ahh ive been waiting forever… its 11:50 pm here how much longer?
    Thanks alot for posting these I cant get HBO =[

  189. JOSIE323 says:

    although i am a girl and only 18 still im not like all goo goo gaa gaa over that one dude edward cullen lol ERIC IS MORE MY TYPE OF VAMP =D

  190. Nicola says:

    Thank you so much for the website! Its awesome! Keep up the amazing work! We appreciate it very much! if it weren’t for you… no true blood on Sunday nights or me!

  191. jessie says:

    he had short hair in the movie Zoolander. He looks nothing like eric

  192. Jello says:

    I love this site, Thank You so much

  193. JOSIE323 says:

    its about to be 8 pm here so i guess it should be on soon…last time it was up at 9pm so idk maybe it might be another hour for me =/

  194. JOSIE323 says:

    oh well no wonder i didnt notice him then LOL ima watch zoolander later tonight just to check him out =D

  195. naduah82 says:

    i can’t wait until the ep. 4 is up! should be on soon right?!?

  196. jessie says:

    I can’t believe he died in that movie!!

  197. jessie says:

    It’s 7:56 now

  198. naduah82 says:

    10:57 my time here…almost time to come on!!

  199. JOSIE323 says:

    OMFG ITS UP!!!!!

  200. Jay says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!! <33

  201. JOSIE323 says:


  202. danny says:

    id rather have jason hes blonde dumb and a slut what more do i need

  203. Tonya says:

    is 5 gonna be up tonight too? just wondering, thanks for the site its awesome

  204. Kushiel says:

    How the heck do you get the video when you already have Graboid?
    A bit confused….

  205. Hum says:

    OMFG. The first part of the airport scene is so FUNNY!

    “I love these things, they’re like booze for dolls! … They gave me ten.”

    That has to be the funniest Sookie line of the series so far.

  206. Thank You!!!! This site is amazing:D!

  207. WaxLily says:

    you guys are THE BEST.

  208. MEha says:

    i loved that
    cant wait for next week <3

  209. Ta says:

    i love true blood but idont understand y the episodes this season end in the middle of scenes! i dont understand y every episode is left with a cliff hanger

  210. JOSIE323 says:

    omg nooooo its over nooooooo wait barry wait lol

  211. Whit says:

    That’s so you’ll come back for more.

  212. Backtrack says:

    AND the second Lafayette/Eric scene. I fell out of my chair laughing when Lafayette was dancing.

    Lafayette: *dry humps everything in sight*
    Eric: How’s you’re leg?
    Lafayette: I just want to f**k everything and dance.
    Eric: How nice for you.


  213. Carter says:

    I just got done watching episode 4, and Mariann is really starting to piss me off!!! She just wont let tara go, and she is screwing up the town!!! Also w/sookie finding “barry” who apparently can also read minds, it was a VERY interesting episode, but i still hope Jason gets away from those church freaks soon, i dont like them one bit!!!

  214. JOSIE323 says:

    LOL hahahahha barry ran like a girl LOL

  215. jessie says:

    LMFAO that was funny

  216. Backtrack says:

    *your. I can’t type correctly when I’m laughing, I’m sorry!

  217. Nytemare says:

    That was GREAT!!!!!! I love Lafayette!!!

  218. JOSIE323 says:

    OMG NOOOO i have to wait seven days now lol i dont want to wait nooooooooo i need true blood now!!!

  219. JOSIE323 says:

    but this episode had to be THE FUNNIEST of all true blood eps…lol first sookie with her “booze” then lafayette’s horny ass and then barry LOL

  220. Backtrack says:

    “I hope you enjoy your blood substitute which is costing me forty-five dollars.”
    “Oh, I have no intention of drinking it. I just want you to pay for it.”
    “Oh you’re so mature.”


  221. naduah82 says:

    yeah this episode was pretty funny, but i can’t stand Mariann!

  222. jessi says:

    “Open aggression against humans, that’s insane!”
    “Well it is Texas.”

  223. BakcTrack says:

    Marianne annoys me. I wish they’d either tell us what she is or give her less screen time.

  224. Isabella says:


  225. Whit says:

    Hope they don’t get rid of Jessica. I really like her.

  226. BakcTrack says:

    I find it interesting Sookie would be looking at adult movies. She really does just seem to scream “Innocence” to me.

    And when I posted the above comment I still had four minutes left in the episode. I still think she shouldn’t have as much screen time.

  227. mollyalice says:

    OH MY GOD, Lafayette after he drank from Eric = hilarious!!
    Plus Mr. Male, Straight, B Negative: what would Bill think!? Can’t wait til next week, thanks for uploading!! <3333

  228. BakcTrack says:

    Thank you for uploading. :]

  229. Whit says:

    Guess they’re trying to make it as sexual as they can. Tho, there have been times when I was reading the book and thought OMG Sookie thought that?

  230. BackTrack says:

    I just realized I’ve been posting with my username spelled wrong. Whoops. Again, the whole typing/laughing thing just doesn’t pan out well for me.

    Barry’s cute. ;]

  231. ladykrystine says:

    omg he can read minds also!!!! wow!!!! i luve that episode!!!!

  232. Whit says:

    Now it’s been set up to where something is going to happen between Jason and Sookie. He’ll be with them when they attack the Dallas vamps and of course she’ll be with the Dallas vamps

  233. JOSIE323 says:

    haha barry was funny lol ‘i did read your mind, aww f**k barry just smile and act likes its a coincidence” ….sookie: “but its not a coincidence barry” BARRY: *runs like a girl* sookie: “barry wait” i think barry is cute also…but eric was awesome in this ep….LOL love this ep one of my faves…-thanks to lafayette- LOL cant wait till next week!!!!

  234. BackTrack says:

    Ooh. That’s not going to be pretty.

  235. BackTrack says:

    Yeah, this was a great episode. Just can’t wait until next week! :]

  236. ARobey says:

    OMG!!!!! I so cannot wait for next weeks!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!

  237. memnoch_meg says:

    AHHHHHCK! Ok, I love that they’re finally building up the Eric/Sookie thing! You can tell he has a thing for her, but he isn’t willing to admit it!
    Eric: What Sookie finds meaningful, I find…. curious.
    Eric: I care about people.

    I laughed so hard when Eric booked them a room without a bed!

  238. BackTrack says:

    Maybe he did that just so they would have to get the one with a king-sized bed? Or maybe it just slipped his mind. Silly Eric.

  239. Ahaha this is my favorite episode BY FAR!
    Finaly things are starting to come together!

  240. Whit says:

    Marryann’s the BEE WOMAN. WTH is up with that shaking?
    I gotta say I hate their fangs. And even tho I hate the movie Queen of the Damned I like the way they did their fangs. But at least they aren’t hissing every damn time their fangs come out….

  241. BackTrack says:

    It would be nice if their fangs were actually on their canine teeth.

  242. nelibeli says:

    aaahhhh!!!!, sooo cool!!!!, true blood keeps getting better each week….thank you guys for posting the episodes i dont know what i would do without u !!!!!

  243. Buddha says:

    Links are both not working. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

  244. Whit says:

    wisevid just worked for me.

  245. Molly says:

    Did anyone else notice that at the end of MarryAnn’s…. vibrating thing… when she dug into the ground and held her arms up to the sky that she had 3 clawed “fingers” on each hand instead of 5 human fingers?

  246. suckie staq mouse says:

    i dont kno y people keep posting comments about the barry scene being funny how was it funny?

  247. Jami says:

    MaryAnn is a maed (at least in the book, I’m pretty sure they are leading up to that). I LOVE how this follows and yet deveates from the books!

  248. Jami says:

    Also, Thank You for bringing this to us so quickly. I’ve recomended this site to everyone I know!

  249. A.J. says:

    lol, did you see the gun he had? it was a co2 powered bb gun, you can see the co2 puncturing screw on the bottom lolzzzz

  250. kathy says:

    thanks for uploading! Great episode. I was wondering if they would use barry! Yay!

  251. Dee says:

    Thanks for posting the episodes!!!!

  252. Bee says:

    So good!!!!! can’t wait ’til the next episode! ♡

  253. genu says:

    can’t wait how jason deal with his sister sookie between the fellowship of the son

  254. genu says:

    why does eric didn’t enter the room?

  255. GrayWolf says:

    Oh My Godess I am totally in loves
    I am so pissed that it ended like that I mean come on its so damn suspenful now I can’t wait till next sunday……. I wish Eric would go out with Sookie already…. him being curious about the things Sookie cares about I mean come on can it get any clearer?
    well srry for ranting
    just voicing my opinions

  256. Jana says:

    When they arrived to Dallas, and Bill “jumped” out of his coffin-I nearly peed in my pants-coz of Jessica…it was hilariouse when she couldnt get out of the coffin…


  257. Jana says:

    to genu: coz he is a gentlevampire? :D …love him!

  258. Kiana says:

    I like Jessica but I bet $5 she dies at the end of the season.
    Eric is the best character, I wonder if they will do the scene from the book where he wears tight leather pants to the swingers party with sookie lol

  259. Jana says:

    Kiana, what makes U think that Jessica will die?

  260. Ekzotika says:

    I liked the episode but I didn´t think it was hossom, only a good one.

    Resuming: When Jessica said sllipering to Bill that her fangs come out when she was horny and then she gonne very shy thru the stairs I think it was a good moment.
    I´m liking her a lot now, and her girlish innocence like when she glamored the bald man and made him scream, and the coffin scene, great too.

    Hoyt is so respectful talking to Bill´s i really liked that.

    BEST MOMENT EVER ON 2nd season until know this Eric/Lafayette scene, I laugh only on thinking about it… is was such hilarious. Love that guy/gay! I´m expecting when he will have his next sex scene how it will gonna be…

    That kind of parties MaryAnn makes are really becoming boring to me, but on this, people made really creepy scenes like smashing cakes on their faces and EATING MUD? yyyyuuuuccccckkk
    But now we know that shes the creature cause when she was at the tree and put her hands on the ground, when she left her out they were a 3 fingered claw like the one we saw when Sookie was atacked.
    Did you noticed Miss Jeanette scary expression on the corpse? OMG
    Arlene and Terry are really becoming close. YES YES YES !!!!
    I don´t know what´s up with Sam… what is he thinking? Even not had anything with Daphne and has such a hurry to tell her his secret?
    I really dislike Egg´s what a boring guy. Maybe Lafayette transformed into a vampire could srew him all LLLOOLLLLLLLSS I would love it.

    I like the Bill/Eric moments too. On the phone he has to remember Bill that they are not equal, lol. And the no-bed scene what a slack. But Eric is very serious, even in Lafayettes house he didn´t laugh. He´s such an actor, he had to make such an effort, I could only think about it. LOLS
    Know we FINALLY now much about Godric and Eric intentions on finding him, it was really on time. Cause that was messing my mind. And what´s up with the church, kidnapping Sookie? For what? Killing her or Brain-wash her? I really expect her to be side-by-side to them to see their thoughts.

    Jason in very serious about the FOS but I think he is having some funny moments making things like a kid, cause is so much imature but when he starts to thinking better, they flush him with compliments.
    It was funny when Sara was making ribs and he started to think on her in a very sexual way… LOLSSSS That family is very creepy, too much rich and violent loving and then they look saints, perfect family like the cereal´s comercials. And what´s up with her husband? Is he blind or what? Maybe it´s all in the package to screw Jason head, more and more.

    I really don´t catch up the police guy… what a character. He need´s a woman to take care of him, maybe Tara´s mother.
    I felt pity about her… and i want to know whats the present what do you think? I bet on a Bible and you?

    Who´s Barry? I don´t know him… It was a great scene too with Sookie.

  261. Ekzotika says:


    People only say that cause on it there isn´t explicit sexual content. And is because of that i think is a really mature.

    Where on this world teens could really have a relationship like Bella and Edward? They don´t pull out shirts and push their pants off on a hurry.

    I think it´s an example.

    I´m 29 and I loved it. Very profound and romantic nothing too much phisycal.

  262. Jana says:

    to Ekzotika(and others)….please could u explain to me(using a simply english :D) the part with Godrick….what is it about?
    *Know we FINALLY now much about Godric and Eric intentions on finding him, it was really on time.*

    Coz I didnt catch it up….must see it again I think….

  263. Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for the links!
    There are so many funny moments :’D
    Dancing Lafayette, Jessica stuck in the coffin, Jessica “ordering” something, when she’s making the man scream on the top of him lungs.
    I like Jessica a lot more now :D

  264. ellie says:

    noooooo! why does it have to end.
    another week of waiting :(

  265. Ekzotika says:

    Jana… why you asked a simply english? Is my english bad? I´m portuguese but all of my friends that I have on internet say my english is pretty cool!

    See again the part when Eric and Bill are at the bar and pay attention to it ok?

    Bloody Kisses

  266. josh says:

    didnt they say that there was gonna b 2 episodes???? wheres the 5th? cause didnt we have to wait 2 weeks just for this episode to come up -which by the way was GREAT- but everyone was sayin about it bein 2 episodes :/, i hope it is :)

  267. kalimah says:

    to Ekzotika…
    twilight may have not been intended for kids, but it’s lack of impressive story or writing makes me think that is the mind set that appreciates it most…unlike most people who hate twilight, i have actually read some of it…and i dont get the hype…i find the writing to be juvenile and the story is grotesquely self indulgent. it took the vampire story genre that anne rice had given some dignity and beauty to, and destroyed all of that…ugh i need to stop here before this turns into a full on rant…

  268. killherkai says:

    what did jessica make leon shout out? x

  269. Jana says:

    Ekzotika….sorry , thats what I mean, my english is very poor, well-poor….not as good as other english speaking :)…thats why I said in simply english for my ear lol….i am czech and sometimes it is difficult to understand what they are talking about….sorry again girl I apologize for me saying it wrong….are we cool now? :)

  270. killherkai says:

    I think this was totally a build up episode it just left me with more questions oh and Daphne has the sexiest voice x

  271. Ekzotika says:

    Jana i´m cool as ever. I simply did not understand … Lols. Like Eric said: remenber that we are no equal llolllssss. Im portuguese and besides I know english well, with that southern english for me it´s difficult in some parts.

    Ok… go, go, go for it. Eric and Bill are talking in the bar about Godric and at some point Bill´s asking if that is too much personal for him, and he said: Because Godric has many years and if humans catched them, they can catch any one of us too. And Eric suspects on Fellowship of the Sun!

  272. Ekzotika says:


    Everyone as their preferences. I think that Anne Rice for that time, was much more spooky and Twilight besides 21th century is much softer!
    And I don´t like horror scenes or movies, what leads me to vampires is eternity linked to love or eternal love, as you wish. And then all the powers and things. I´m very surprised for liking TB so much cause at 1st glance i started to think that it was very sexual, and then mysterious… as so i saw all episodes of Season 1 and then started the ‘glamouring’ about the characters. Now i´m stuck to it… Lols

  273. Ekzotika says:


    I would like to know that question too, and i agree with your opinion on this episode!

  274. Jana says:

    Ekzotika….ahaaaa…thank u, didnt catch up some words-now it makes sense to me….I might improve my english here :D

    ad Daphne: there is something wierd about her in a bad way….

    to killherkai: didnt catch it up as well….:(

    Anyone will tell us? :))))))))

  275. killherkai says:

    @ Jana + Ekzotica, thanks :) I kept rewinding and turning up the volume but I just couldn’t make it out.

  276. Jana says:

    It must be something funny I dont get….

  277. Ekzotika says:

    I will try to watch it again and if i understand i let you know!

  278. Brenda says:

    Hmm i’m wondering about that too..
    It’s something with “Nicky ….blabla… fanger in the curch.”
    But I guess you picked up on that too ;)

  279. amba says:

    omg i love this ep jessica is awesome and pretty and sookie looks gorjuz!!!!!!!
    if uv read the books the monster that attacked sookie is a maenad but i dont know who it is everyone says daphne but it could be mariane?!?!

  280. amba says:

    iv read 7 of the 9 books so far and they are the best books ever, sookie is with a waretiger in number 7 but she should be with eric hes beautiful and i love bill in the true blood series but in the book his an asshole i hate him after the 7th book u find out a secret!!! :O
    its sad..

  281. Tessa says:

    I think Barry will add a nice twist to this season.

    Also, I wish Jason would just have sex with Sarah and get it over with. That church is no good, and I hope he sees that soon.

  282. Jana says:

    Maybe Sookie will help Jason in some way to get out of that stupid Fellow ship thing! I think they will meet in some wierd moment….

  283. Jenna says:

    i really like jessica’s charecter it adds more of a twist than the books but the books are still great

  284. killherkai says:

    I’m glad jason isent just some minor character with a weak story line he seems to be playing a major role in the vamps vs humans I wonder what hes going to do

  285. say024 says:

    ohmigawd! im about to watch it right now!

  286. cancerbero3415 says:

    Anubis Airlines(Egyptian god of death) how cool it´s that, sexy bait for Jason, Jessica getting hotter and hotter every episode, and the mysterious coincidence in the hotel…

    Omg what are they doing to us!!!!!

  287. cancerbero3415 says:

    ***************Humble request for native speakers**************

    what did jessica make leon shout out? x

  288. memnoch_meg says:

    “Becky Eubanks is a stuck-up whore who let Jace finger her in the church!”

    thats what Jessica made Leon shout.

  289. cancerbero3415 says:

    Thanks a lot beloved native speaker, you`ve been a great help.
    I just heard a finger in somewhere but now I have it clear, thank you very much.

  290. memnoch_meg says:

    No problem man. I had to play it back once myself. LOL. I can’t wait for the next ep! I hope Sook slams into Eric as she runs through the hotel hallways after Barry.

  291. Sam says:

    omg true blood just came out over here dam it i love this bitter the twilight lol

  292. babydoll92 says:

    i cannt want for sunday and i love true blood

  293. Xan says:

    Why were the videos taken off?

  294. OMG says:

    ive read the first book and tara, maryann, amy and jessica werent mentioned??

  295. Eric's-play-thing says:

    Anyone Know when Season 2 will be released on DVD and Blue Ray? I can’t find anything.

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