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Episode 5: Sparks Fly Out

  • Author: I'm addicted to V | Category: True Blood Season 1

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    Watch True Blood Season 1, Episode 5: Sparks Fly Out

    This episode reveals a lot about Bill. He speaks in front of the church congregation with hopes that they would understand that Vampires aren’t that bad and have their own history. Not everyone in town in convinced while many others are now more accepting to the idea of Vampires in town. We also get a nice peek at Bill’s history and how he became who he is. Enjoy this one, it’s a good one!


    Click HERE To Start Watching Episode 5: Sparks Fly Out

    4 Responses to “Episode 5: Sparks Fly Out”

    1. Sharon says:

      This video is not working! Was it removed?

    2. indigo says:

      aahh it’s not working!
      none of them are.

      it says they were removed because of infringement!
      what am i gonna do now??

    3. darlingm says:

      this was the episode submmitted for the Golden Globe. best yet. so much going on: sookie, bill, randi sue, jason, gram, sam, tara, lettie mae… damn damn

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